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    Pearled Candle Instructions

    1.Prepare Your Pearled Candle

    1. Unveil the packaging and decant the pearl wax into a receptacle.
    2. Gently twist and lift off the lid, pouring the pearls into our specially selected candle cup, or any container of your preference.
    3. We guarantee that the pearl candles are safe to burn, but we recommend that you test the container well before using whatever material you use to prevent the container from being damaged due to the candle burning and heating up.

    2.Wick Setup Instructions

    1. Take the wick out of the wick box. According to our experience, it burns best when leaving a 1/4 inch (about 0.6cm) candle wick.
    2. For safety, make sure to leave 1.5 inches(about 3.8cm) from a wick to the edge of the container.
    3. When using larger containers, we also recommend using multiple wicks for better visual effect. When using shallower containers, you can cut the wicks shorter, but it's best to keep enough pearl wax under the wicks to make room for self-extinguishing.

    3.Enjoying Your Pearled Candle

    1. Ignite and enjoy your candle time.AbodeAura pearled candle is made of 100% palm wax with our special process, which is more environmentally friendly, safer, cleaner and has better burning effect.
    2. Moreover, since our candles and wicks are made of 100% plant wax, it is more friendly to babies, the elderly and pets.
    3. We offer original candles in different scents, and you can also add your favorite scented essential oils to our unscented candles.

    Share Your Creativity

    Win a social media appearance. Get more creative to decorate your candles and post their pictures or videos on social media using #AbodeAura , or find us on social media @AbodeAura.


    Safety Tips

    AbodeAura pearled candles are safer than traditional candles when used correctly, but please strictly follow the above procedure and also observe the following safety practices:

    1. Never burn candles on or near any object that could catch fire.
    2. Keep away from drafts and flammable objects.
    3. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
    4. Do not ingest and keep candles out of eyes.

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