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    Pearled Candle

    Your Scent,Your Way
    • 100% Palm Wax
    • 125+ Hour Burn Time
    • Free Candle Container Included
    🌿 Eco-Conscious Elegance:
    AbodeAura promises an environmentally responsible choice for your home
    🕰️ Extended Indulgence
    Savor the moment longer with our durable design.
    🎨 Innovative and Personalized
    Transform any container into a bespoke candle with our unique pearl-shaped design
    Visually Captivating
    Beyond their practicality, our pearled candles serve as a stunning visual element
    What's included?

    🌿18 oz Palm Wax— Outshines standard candles with a 125-hour burn time.
    🔥30 Long-Lasting Wicks— Each provides 12 hours of steady burn.
    💎Elegant Hammered Glass— Turns candlelight into a dazzling show.

    Candle Scent

    Abodeaura Pearl Wax comes in a variety of flavor options. You can choose from our special flavors, professionally prepared by professional perfumers. You can also choose unscented candles and add your own candle scent by placing a few drops of your favorite essential oil or candle fragrance oil near the wick before lighting the candle.

    (Customize with caution and at your own risk, and remember oil is very flammable, so never add it to a burning candle.)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Best Product for your party

    I love how versatile this product is!! You can pour it into any type of container and it’ll work perfectly. I use it in martini glasses and it looks great.

    Works perfect

    Excellent product. you will become obsessed with filling all of your empty vases to create candles

    Smells amazing!

    Convenient, great scent and burn time.

    Alexis Taylor
    Special concept of candle

    Perfect for DIY decor! Elevating my evening with abodeaura. The clean burn and the option to customize scents?

    Bad packaging

    I have to admit, the candle's quite substantial in size, but you've got to be careful when opening it for the first time—it's really easy to spill. I hope you guys can make some improvements on this.

    How does it work?