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    March 26, 2024 2 min read


    As a heavy scented and Buddha Bead Lover, I have tried hundreds of meditation tools. However, I have found that most of them have limited effectiveness and getting into a meditation state quickly is still a huge challenge for most people.Through my trial and error, I have found that scented pearl candles and rosary beads are two tools that can help me quickly enter a meditation state. I hope these experiences will be helpful for you.

    What are pearl candles and prayer beads ?

    AbodeAura Pearl candles

    These are special candles with customizable scents that I use to help me focus and guide deep meditation.

    WinningCrystal Rosary beads


    These are strings of beads that are used to chant prayers. They are an important tool in my meditation and spiritual practice.

      Why pearl candles and prayer beads ?

      I have found that traditional scented candles often come in different sizes, different scents, and I have to make sure that all the candles are the same size, which can interfere with my meditation focus.
      The WinningCrystal rosary beadshelp me to control my breathing and body rhythms.The combination of pearl candles and rosary beads provides a stable and comfortable meditation environment.
      Here are three main benefits I have summarized:
      • Quick calm: The scent of the pearl candles makes it easier to get into a calm state and the rotation of the rosary beads helps me to control my breathing rhythms. - Improved focus: The rotation of the beads and the scent of the candle become anchors of attention and help me avoid distractions.
      • Faster meditation: The brain associates the rotation of the beads and the scent of the candle with meditation, reducing interference and improving mental focus.

      How to use pearl candles and prayer beads ?

      1. Light the candle: Choose a scented or unscented candle (you can add your own essential oils) and light the pearl candle. Breathe gently and inhale deeply to remember the scent.
      2. Turn the beads: Begin to turn the beads in a regular pattern, focusing your attention on the feel of your fingers and the movement of the beads.
      3. Enter meditation: With the aid of the rotation of the beads and the scent of the candle, allow your mind to escape the clutter of everyday life and return to a state of calm and concentration.
      This is my experience that through simple steps, pearl candles and beads can not only help you enter meditation faster, but also improve your concentration and focus by reducing subconscious interference and promoting a more calm and focused lifestyle.

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