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    April 23, 2024 2 min read

    Pearled Candle Choice:AbodeAura Beats Foton

    Larger Wick and More Wax for Longer Burn Time

    Our candles feature a larger wick and come with a generous 18oz of premium pearl wax, allowing for an impressive 125+ hour burn time. In comparison, Foton Candles only provide 17oz of wax, meaning less burn time for your money. Additionally, each of our candles includes a new wick, enhancing burn time and offering customization for a refreshed candle experience.

    Greater Variety and Customization Options

    We offer a wider selection of candle sets and fragrances to choose from. Plus, our innovative pearl wax design unlocks creative possibilities, allowing you to turn any container into a beautiful, personalized candle - perfect for special events like weddings and showcasing the versatility and flexibility of our product. Foton has more limited options and customization. Additionally, our candles can be customized further by inserting one or more wicks into your chosen container, enhancing the personal touch and adaptability of your candle creation.

    Superior Value and Savings

    Despite our candles' premium quality and longer burn time, we offer very competitive pricing. Our 18oz pearl wax candles are only $30.99 and include a free container. With Foton Candle, you pay more per ounce and have to purchase the container separately, adding to the total cost.

    Advantages of Our Pearl Wax Candles

    Innovative candle making with AbodeAura™ introduces a unique approach using foton pearls, transforming the art of creating candles.

    • Versatile design transforms any vessel into an elegant candle, perfect for enhancing event decor and creating memorable atmospheres.

    • Aesthetically pleasing floating pearls enhance any space’s decor, allowing you to easily fill any jar or container to craft customizable and sustainable candles.

    • Pleasant, natural fragrances that subtly elevate the ambiance

    • Easy to use and clean up with minimal hassle or mess

    • Eco-friendly, clean burning palm wax is better for the environment

    The simplicity with which the wicks light up offers a seamless experience, illuminating your space with ease.

    In summary, our AbodeAura™ pearl candles provide superior value, customization, burn time, and overall experience compared to competitors like Foton. Elevate your space and delight your senses with our premium, eco-conscious candles - the clear choice for discerning candle lovers. Experience “Your Scent, Your Way” with AbodeAura™.

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