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    April 22, 2024 3 min read

    What is a Pearled Candle?

    Pearl candle is a kind of palm wax, and its source is palm oil. Because it looks like tiny pearls, the market generally calls it a "pearl-shaped candle." In addition, this product is also called "sand wax" and "granular wax." Compared to other candle materials, pearl wax, or pearl candle, has the advantages of high hardness, long burning time, and strong plasticity.

    palm wax

    The burning time is about 10% longer than soy wax, so consumers can enjoy a more lasting fragrance. In addition, palm wax can be made into various candles, which enhances its market adaptability and opens up creative possibilities for users intrigued by the potential for unique candle creation.

    It is worth noting that the pearl candle produces less smoke when burning, making it a clean-burning, more environmentally friendly option. According to statistics, palm candles account for more than 25% of the global aromatherapy candle market. One in four consumers choose palm candles.

    Although the price of pearl candle is slightly higher than that of soybean wax and coconut wax, it has high hardness, long burning time, and low smoke emission.

    What is the raw material of pearl candle in candle making?

    We mentioned earlier that pearl wax originated from palm wax, but in fact the palm wax family is divided into palm wax and carnauba wax, and pearl wax belongs to palm wax.

    Pearl candle raw material palm tree

    What are the similarities and differences between them?

    Although both are classified as "palm wax" and indeed come from the palm tree family, palm wax and carnauba wax are palm waxes made by different processes. Palm wax is extracted from fruit oil, while carnauba wax is extracted from leaves. No matter what kind of palm wax, its ignition point is above 70°C, and it burns stably, making it an excellent choice for candle making, especially when considering the process of creating refillable and refreshable candles by pouring the wax into a container. It is often used to make cylindrical candles by mixing with other waxes. Due to its high brightness and hardness, it is widely used in the field of automotive beauty wax besides aromatherapy candles. Many high-end car waxes are made of palm wax.


    Comparison between pearl wax and other wax materials:

    Based on numerous consumer feedback, we summarize the following recommended rankings:

    Pearl wax (palm wax): long burning time, high hardness, low smoke emission, rich candle shapes including those requiring containers, and high price, but the overall cost performance is the highest.

    Beeswax: environmental protection, smokeless and can release negative ions, but the price is high and the burning time is short.

    Soybean wax: environmental protection, smokeless and long burning time, but the hardness is low and there may be odor problems.

    Coconut wax: Long burning time, less smoke emissions, but higher cost.

    Comparison between pearl wax and other wax materials

    The unique advantages of clean burning pearl candle (palm wax):

    Excellent combustion performance: Pearl candle(palm wax) has two characteristics of low melting point and high ignition point, ensuring that the candle burns evenly and reducing the generation of combustion residue and smoke. The selection of the right wick is crucial for this performance, as it ensures a clean burn and extends the life of the candle, making refillable pearled candles a sustainable choice for event decor.

    These candles are particularly favored for their ability to be quickly refreshed to look brand new, saving time for designers and reducing messy wax cleanups between events. Palm candles usually burn longer than other candles, extending their service life and making them ideal for creating the perfect ambiance in various event settings.

    Excellent stability: Pearl candle (palm wax) has excellent stability and can maintain its shape and structure even in a high temperature environment. This feature makes palm candles perform well in different seasons and climatic conditions, and it is not easy to deform or melt, further enhancing their suitability for event decor where reliability and aesthetic appeal are paramount.

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