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    May 06, 2024 2 min read

    What Does a Pearled Candle Made of Pearl Wax Consist Of?

    The main raw material of pearl wax is palm wax, palm wax is a kind of vegetable wax prepared from plants through a complex process, and it is also an important non-petroleum wax. It is an excellent raw material for candles. It has the characteristics of high hardness, solid acid, certain odor, crystalline, and a mixture of fatty acids mainly stearic acid and palmitic acid. palm wax ‘pearls’ can be used to fill various containers, including jars, to create customizable candles.

    Candles produced with palm wax, compared with paraffin wax candles, have the advantages of long burning time, small smoke, less “tears”, soft and long-lasting fragrance and better color, etc. They are natural green products. The use of refillable pearled candles made from palm wax not only extends the burning time but also produces less smoke. After the wax solidifies, creating a new candle is as simple as replacing the wick, offering a sustainable and creative candle-making solution. Additionally, candles made with palm wax burn cleanly, resulting in minimal soot, making them environmentally friendly and safe for indoor use.

    Where does the fragrance of scented pearl wax come from?

    The fragrance of pearl wax mainly comes from the addition of flavor essence during the production, unlocking creative possibilities by mixing different scents to enhance the ambiance of pearled candles.

    First of all, in the candles added in “can be burned to release the fragrance”, regardless of the raw material is natural or synthetic, are collectively called flavorings. Utilizing abodeaura pearls as a customizable option allows for creating uniquely scented candles tailored to individual preferences.

    Secondly, it is not the case that the higher the amount of fragrance added to a candle, the better the odor expression when it burns. There is a reasonable ratio of different fragrances to the base. We also often make different concentrations of candles to do combustion tests, blind selection of the most reasonable ratio. The mixing ratio of candle raw materials and essential oils has strict requirements, offering a variety of scented options to cater to different tastes.

    Thirdly, this issue also involves candle scenting. Often pearl candle manufacturers will add “pure essential oils”. However, please note that the essential oils added by individual consumers are not necessarily suitable for candle making. The fragrance of pearled candles can be refreshed with the addition of new essential oils, enhancing the experience.

    1. Depending on the solvent, fragrances are either oil-soluble or water-soluble (or compatible). To make candles, you need to use oil-soluble flavorings. If you use flavorings that are water-soluble, they basically can’t be combined with the wax, not to mention the burning performance.
    2. The flavorings used for candles need to maintain the following properties:If you just use ordinary flavorings added to the candle base, it is possible that the smell is not bad, but when lit, there is no smell at all. The scent decomposes by heat or cannot be volatilized by direct combustion.

    It is therefore recommended to choose pearled candles from brands such as AbodeAura Pearl Candles, known for their quality and the ability to refresh the ambiance with their fragrances.


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