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    May 09, 2024 3 min read

    Pearl candles do melt, but compared to other candles, palm wax has a higher burning point. Palm Wax is a wax extracted from the fruit of the palm tree, also known as Ice Wax, with a melting point of 58°C~62°C. Depending on the temperature of the container into which it is poured, it will form different crystalline states: below 90°C into the mold, it will form a smooth surface; above 90°C into the mold, it will form a crystalline texture. Pearl wax is a vegetable wax extracted from palm oil. Compared to other candle raw materials, carnauba wax has unique advantages, which we will discuss in depth below:

    Candle making with wax pearls allows for the creation of candles in various containers, offering a clean and efficient burning process.

    Outstanding burning performance: Carnauba wax is characterized by a low melting point and a high ignition point, which allows candles to burn evenly and reduces the production of burning residue and smoke. Palm candles usually burn longer than other candles, prolonging the life of the candle. The creative possibilities with pearl wax pearls are endless, enabling innovative and artistic candle-making techniques.

    Excellent Stability: Carnauba wax has excellent stability and retains its shape and structure even in hot environments. This makes palm candles perform well in different seasons and climates, and are not easily deformed or melted. Adding essential oils can enhance the fragrance of candles, offering a cozy and homey atmosphere without the overpowering scent.

    Strong fragrance carrying capacity: Carnauba wax is able to carry and release fragrance components effectively, allowing candles to emit a strong and long-lasting fragrance. Aromatherapy candles made with carnauba wax usually have a longer lasting fragrance than other candles, even when scented lightly to provide a gentle fragrance.

    Sustainable and environmentally friendly: Carnauba wax is made from sustainably grown palm trees and its production has a relatively low impact on the environment. Palm trees are highly efficient plants that produce large quantities of palm fruits every year, from which the extraction of carnauba wax does not significantly affect the survival of the palm trees. In addition, carnauba wax is biodegradable and has a low level of environmental pollution. AbodeAura pearls can fill any container, transforming it into a beautiful candle. Repurposing a jar as a container for these candles is a simple and effective way to create a clean-burning, refillable candle. By simply replacing the wick, you can refresh your candle, making it look brand new each time. Refillable pearled candles are particularly beneficial for event decor, minimizing the need for messy wax cleanups. These candles burn cleanly with no soot, ensuring a gentle glow that's environmentally friendly.

    The advantages of carnauba wax, which is made from palm oil, are its hardness, long burning time and the variety of shapes of candles it produces. Carnauba wax burns about 10% longer than soy wax, which means that consumers can enjoy the scent of the candle longer. Carnauba wax can also be made into candles of various shapes and sizes, which makes it more adaptable in the market. In addition, palm candles produce less smoke when burned than soy and coconut waxes, which makes them more environmentally friendly.

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